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Welcome to the new version of Extend3D. For those who do not know our site was created about 3 years ago with the intent to bring a special insight into the world of 3D, trying to reinterpret classic characters in new ways, and to propose some things unique.

At first we tried to establish ourselves as a standard site, with store and free section, but over time we realized that this capacity it was close, so we decided to revolutionize our site, with regret close the store, and share freebiees in our projects.

Now we leave to version 2.0 of Extend3D, and please contact us if you find errors or problems in the navigation.

The staff of Extend3D


Our projects

Anthro Project


Creature Project


Shapes of Krystal






Why we use ADF.LY ?

With the closure of the store there arouse the question on how to gain we will have created only by freebiees? The money need us to buy new items from which to derive other freebiees and to try to have one day a complete site and not a free version. Luckily we found ADF.LY, that with just 5 seconds of advertising allows us to earn something, and you to get our freebiees. But if you want there is also our DONATE button for make a donation to use. Don't worry, your money will be spent only for the creation for our freebiees.

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